Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soda's thank-you postcard

Soda in the catnip box - postcard

Remember that wonderful catnip postcard for my cats from the gorgeously-named Fleabane and Danderfluff? Yeah, I thought so... it's pretty unforgettable.

I made my kitties write a thank-you note for such a gift, of course. I thought that this postcard of Soda playing in a catnip-filled box (in her younger years, I grant you) was a perfect vehicle for such a note. Soda has written notes before, she is the most literate of my three cats (perhaps owing to her habit of helping me with so many letters of my own).

horks 2 u

Please ignore her backwards letters and spelling mistakes - she does her best, and all things considered (like the lack of opposable thumbs), I'm pretty darn proud of her. And in the Soda lexicon, "Horks 2 U" is high praise indeed.

And yes, that is indeed my tabby cat Magic on the stamp, staring up at an orange catnip carrot.