Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Heart Mail Art: a mini-book

Mail art extravaganza

This is gonna be one heck of a photo-heavy post, folks. I just can't show off this beauty, from "Canadian artista extraordinaire" Jennlui, without showing you every little bit.

Of course, as seen above, the envelope is handmade, and includes but a small note. ("Welcome to the IUOMA" references my fairly recent membership in the International Union of Mail Artists.) We will forgive the multiple-produced (I doubt it's mass-produced, really) nature of the mini-book and the paucity of the personalization of the note, simply because it's so damn groovy.

I Heart Mail Art

Okay, here's the book! I Heart Mail Art! Hooray! It is a specially folded color photocopy with inserts, a really fabulous construction. I guess it's sorta like a zine that way. Let's turn through every page of this lovely item, shall we?

i love mail art because...

I love mail art because... fill in the polka dots.

Little envelope with artistamps

This is especially squee - the little Top Secret envelope included the artistamps shown below.

Top Secret

Here's a closer look at that page...


...and a closer look at the little enclosures in said envelope. The bottom one is a little business card that references her mail art blog, From the letter love files.

Send mail to get mail!

The golden rule of mail: send mail to get mail!

let's swap some cool mail!

Finally, here's the back of the booklet, with her address carefully noted. I ADORE this vintage postman, and if he is available as a rubber stamp, I MUST know where to find him. I am really, really coveting that image.

So that's the mini-book - wow! It was such a joy. I forgot to photograph how it came in its own little envelope, too. It was like a gift.

In my next post, I'll showcase what I sent back!