Sunday, February 14, 2010

Think ahead, write instead

Think ahead write instead

I am just sharing this image with you because I adore it. It is from the British Postal Museum & Archive on Flickr. In fact, all their photos are pretty damn cool. But you know I love this one especially because of the fountain pens.

Folks, it's my busy season, but on top of that, there have been some intense crises for me at work and with some family members. I'm fine, I'm okay, but there's just a lot of heavy stuff going on. Please pardon me if my letters are even slower than usual, or if I don't do blog posts... or I do mundane ones like this one that don't require photo editing. It's just a little nuts for me right now. Everybody gets times like this... and now is mine.

Maybe I need to start journaling again... then I can "think ahead, write instead."