Monday, January 18, 2010

A shockingly muppet-licious letter


So I apparently have at least one blog reader who's more deeply a Muppet nut than I am! He sent me this incredible letter back in October. He is more into the Sesame Street side of Henson, but is still probably more knowledgeable about the Muppet Show side than I am.

Original Muppet-esque artwork

First, you must take a closer look at his wonderful original artwork, inspired by Henson. I thought as soon as I saw them that they looked very Henson-esque.

Dr. Teeth stamp

He used a stamp featuring Dr. Teeth, the bandleader on The Muppet Show. Coooool.


I wouldn't have grasped the significance of the Hyattsville, MD postmark, but he kindly pointed out that the letter was sent from the town where Jim Henson grew up.

The Great Seal of Disapproval

The stamp, which I believe he had custom-made, features Sam the Eagle in his Great Seal of Disapproval. Muppet Show insiders will know that Sam the Eagle scoffed in disapproval of most acts on the Muppet Show, often deeming them "shocking."

The letter was excellent, and he also very kindly sent me some wonderful postcards featuring the Sesame Street Muppet crew. I forgot to take a picture of them, but I haven't used any yet, so I will be sure to feature them separately. He has also since sent me some other fabulousness, to be blogged in the future...


  1. wow what an awesome letter huh ? I love it . thanks so much for sharing and posting this .

  2. of course thats awesome! jim henson went to university of maryland where i go and theres a statue of him and kermit the frog thats outside of our student center and a statue of kermit inside our student center!

  3. After all this raving I had to check out the Muppet Show (well, clips on Youtube). Wow, it's funny! I'd thought it was just a kids' show, but I find Sam the Eagle very entertaining!

  4. Oh, I'm so glad I could inspire you to check out some Muppet show clips, Eliza! It really is very witty stuff (and often quite weird). I couldn't even begin to name any favorite clips on you-tube, but I'm glad you had fun with it.

  5. Love the eagle stamp - "It's the American way!" LOL