Saturday, August 22, 2009

Classy and thirsty-making

Vintage letterhead in a bourbon envelope

The wizard behind Everyday Correspondence sent me this tasty - vintage letterheads in a handmade bourbon envelope. The theme holding it all together was the roaring 20s - a time in history that I find very fun, at least for the styles and imagery.

Not only did Mr. Vintage Correspondence do a great blog post about the creation of this particular letter, he also gave you a link to download that awesome vintage letterhead, and many more awesome vintage letterheads. I ♥ Everyday Correspondence - if like my blog, you should be following that one, too.

Anyhoo, not only was it in fun packaging, it was also a great letter, because his are just like that. (AND he uses fountain pens - what could be better?)

Bourbon envelope

For your viewing pleasure, a closer look at the envelope, and of course I must show you the back, too:

Refined, or redefined?

Here's the kicker: he didn't even know when he created this envelope (our correspondence is fairly new) that I am a great bourbon fan! It was total coincidence. My usual brand is Knob Creek, but I am in fact a great fan of Woodford Reserve, too - it is a touch sweeter and more nutty than Knob Creek, and nice for the occasional change. Well done!


  1. well done indeed kudos to everyday correspondance and the use of fountain pens . sadly mine broke and cannot financially replace it . aint them the breaks LOL !!!awesome idea on the envie too .

  2. Very nice penmanship. I think there is something so elegant and sophisticated about cursive writing.