Monday, August 24, 2009

Why not use a return address?

I've had enough letters misdirected and returned to me, for reasons valid and ridiculous (twice returned from someone whose name and address were correct, and still lived at that very address - very strange), that I always put a return address on everything. Everything. Yes, even postcards. Even Postcrossing postcards. So it totally mystifies me when people don't write return addresses on their envelopes.

I got a letter today from a blog reader who wrote once before, and I wrote him back. And he wrote me again, and this second letter is what arrived today. His original letter is buried in a box somewhere, if I kept it - and he didn't put a return address on this new letter. It's a nice letter in a beautiful handmade envelope, and I'd really like to be able to respond properly. [Edit 8/25: thanks, he emailed me his address! All good.]

And yes, in case you're wondering - I DO use an address book, but no one goes into the address book until our exchange is well-established. Sooooooooooooo many people only write 1-5 letters and then go away forever that if I put them all in my beloved Edward Gorey address book, it would be full three times over. So you gotta get over that hurdle for a while before you make it in there. And even then, if you write your return address all nicely on the corner on the envelope, or inside, then I don't even need to open my address book.

And thus concludes the rant for the evening. Thanks for hearing (reading?) me out.

If you don't use a return address, and you DO want a letter back -- whyever not? Please do comment, I am genuinely curious.