Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maybe even vampyres like to receive letters...

Batty folds

This blog reader letter from Germany has to be one of the most creative and lovely ever. Of course it included bats so I'm sold, but it's also a fine letter. It is a self-fold, a really fine job that was secured with stamps and included the clear note of where to cut without marring the contents. I tried to blur out some of the text in a careful way so that you can see the fold lines in case you want to fold a letter like this.

Folded spooky letter-gram

Bats! An owl! A vampyre reference (love the Euro spelling)! I've left the first paragraph and postscript intact so you can read them: View large. Oh - and I've just gotta say how much I love that bat stamp.

Maybe even vampyres like to receive letters...

And you gotta get a closer look at this fine artwork (View large, and here's the P.S. larger.

In case you can't read it, she wrote: "My little drawing here is not to say that letter-writing is dead, but on the contrary to show that it is going to outlive! And maybe even vampyres like to receive letters..."

Indeed! I am absolutely certain that they must. (Anyone read Elizabeth Kostova's "The Historian?" Yeah.)


Even the front was fun, with cool stamps and a Luftpost sticker. And what's the little sailboat saxophone dude? Love him!