Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lost art of letter writing?

I just stumbled across a column by Tara Seel, the city editor of the Daily Graphic in Canada. She calls it The Lost Art of Letter Writing, in which she talks about her lovely Aunt Jean and the promise she has made to her that she would "get better about writing letters," and later says "Let’s make Aunt Jean proud and reclaim the practice of writing letters." It's a fun column, do go read it - but best of all, she extends an invitation to write to her. "If anybody out there wants to write a letter, and they’re just not sure who to send it to, let me extend an invitation," she says. "I would be most pleased to receive letters from any of you."

Of course I just did so - please, if you feel so inclined, drop her a short note to assure her she is mistaken - the art of writing letters is most certainly not lost. Again, her name is Tara Seel, city editor, and my best guess is that you may find the rest of her postal contact information here. (That's where I sent mine, anyway.) It's in Canada, so don't forget that part at the end of the address.