Sunday, August 9, 2009

Splendiferous peacock stamps

Chinese stamps + peacock

For some reason, one week in July brought not one but TWO incredible peacock stamps, from two different countries. Above we have two lovely stamps from China; if you view large, you might be able to see that the border of the peacock stamp is actually metallic gold foil.

As lovely as the Chinese peacock stamp is, though...

Terriffic Thai stamps

... it cannot hold a candle to this Thai peacock stamp. An elephant and a peacock together, what could be better?

Best. Peacock. Stamp. Ever.

Here's a closer look, but if you really zoom in, you can see that the stamp is even iridescent. Wow. That is seriously spectacular.


The wonderful stamps came on the above Postcrossing postcard, TH-23811, from Postcrosser Sathitporn.