Thursday, August 13, 2009

UK postal workers strike?

To my friends "across the pond" in the UK:

Perhaps I live under a rock (well, I don't have a TV) but I've only just learned, through reading a postal-related blog, that postal workers in the UK are having strikes all over the place that are affecting mail delivery. My sympathies! What a predicament. I am reading up on the whole backstory now.

I do hope folks in the UK have not experienced significant delays or difficulties, though it seems inevitable...


  1. Oh wow I hope the us postal workers dont get it in their head to strike on us and our mail go further into the dumps . I have some mail that has already taken 5 days to get across the country which I might add is to coin a phrase "getting a little old ".

  2. I hear you on the occasional frustrations for delays on the US Postal Service, phonelady, and I admit that I've been increasingly frustrated by all the letters and pieces of mail that mysteriously get "lost" in the mail... but all things considered, I'm still a big supporter of our postal workers and all they do for us. Considering services provided and the exchange rate, we still have one of the most economical rates for mailing a letter in the world.

  3. Thanks for noticing our predicament Missive. I've not found it's got in the way too much but it's not nice!

  4. Glad to hear it's not got in the way too much, Mischief.