Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A letter in postcards

A letter in postcards

So the wonderful GirlZootZilla wrote me a letter spread out over a bunch of postcards - what an awesome idea! She did a blog post about it in a much more timely fashion, so check out her fine Postcard letter post to see better photos of all the postcards (two hadn't yet arrived when I took this photo, and I realized just now that I have the Wonder Woman postcard upside down). Great fun!

I am so in love with that kitten in the wagon.


  1. hello!
    i recently discover'd your blog through Jen Lee's 'Life Unfolds' blog and i just love what you're doing here! i will have to make lots of time to check out your links, though i don't really need any more stationery myself and i plan to work through what i have since your blog has inspired me to write to friends again...thanks for sharing and i hope to write you to myself soon to say "thank you" what you are doing for written letters and mail art =-)

  2. hello!
    i recently discovered your blog through a link from Jen Lee/Life Unfolds blog and i love, love LOVE what you're doing here!

    i fear looking at the lovely links to the stationery knowing i don't need more but i aim to use up what i have by writing to friends as i once did...thus creating a 'need' for more stationery!! ;)

    i even hope to send a proper 'thank you' for sharing what you do and who you are - it's so inspiring!!

  3. Clever! I've used misc. postcards as pages of a letter, but mailed in an envelope. It's a great way to use up all those touristy postcards one gets while traveling but neglects to send (or is that just me?).

  4. Creative Beast - thanks so much for the compliments! I'm so glad I can help inspire more letter-writing.

    MizM - I always buy more of the touristy postcards than I send, but there's never a shortage of recipients who don't mind one after the fact. ;-)

  5. Hi,
    Looks pretty...I use sometimes little papers to write my letter on...
    Have sent you a letter,hope it arrives quickly :-)


  6. I'm inspired!