Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Which muppet are you?

Okay, bear with me, because this really isn't letter-writing, unless you're writing on or about Muppets.

But when I was approving comments on the last post, the google ad line had a quiz, "Which Muppet are you?" so of course I had to participate. The questions are a little oddball, but apparently I am most like... Gonzo the great!

I never would have guessed that. The #2 choice was Beaker - HA!

Here's the quiz if you wanna play along...

Which Muppet are YOU?


  1. I am a grover !!! you really rock girl !!! great blog .

  2. Somehow I turned into Animal. What? I haven't seen the Muppets in far too long.

  3. I know, random, huh? I never expected to be Gonzo.

  4. Lucky me! I am most like Kermit the Frog which is perfect because my favorite color is green.

  5. I'm Beaker first (probably the science part HAHA) and Kermit second!

  6. Gonzo, I'm Gonzo, and I do so love that character. How correct this quiz turned out to be.