Thursday, January 28, 2010

When puppets are outlawed

When puppets are outlawed only outlaws will have puppets

I fell in love with this postcard when I saw it in the very charming Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, VT. (If you visit Montpelier, I have a list of wonderful places to recommend - and Bear Pond Books is definitely on it. What a postcard selection!!!)

Dancing Frogs

I took a photo of the back of the postcard just so the curious could see it's a photo of the Bread & Puppet Theatre, of Glover, VT, and the photo is by Paul O. Boisvert. You can order this image as a notecard or a postcard from the Syracuse Cultural Workers website.

Incidentally, the lovely recipient of this postcard just blogged about it today -- I guess she got the postcard I sent her AND the package at the same time, though they were sent a few days apart.

Peoples, I had 15 minutes now before I thought I must collapse into bed, so I spent it making this blog entry instead of reading the letters that came today. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to read my mail, let alone write it. Tomorrow night I shall have some time, and I will savor all those letters and hopefully even actually (GASP) write some.

Thanks to everyone for your patience in my busy season.