Friday, January 8, 2010

Metallic ink powder calligraphy on black paper

Metallic calligraphy on black paper

One of my pen pals is an artist who writes every letter in calligraphy with a flexible-nib dip pen. She often uses these marvelous metallic powders (dip pens only, not for use in fountain pens) for sparkly flair.

After a conversation on The Fountain Pen Network (FPN), she sent me this letter, which was even more a work of art than usual!

Artistic metallic

The theme at the time, of course, was Halloween - I love the artistic embellishments!

Metallic calligraphy

I'll end with two different views of the same section, so you can see the different sparkles and the orange undertones of the metallic powders (I hope).

Sparkly pumpkin

And in case you're wondering... NO, I can't do this myself! :-)