Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aeroplanes with eyeballs

Aeroplanes with eyeballs

Here's another design from International Girl aerogrammes: it's charmingly called aeroplanes with eyeballs. Yes, I just did another International Girl aerogramme order - I really had gone through all the ones I ordered before, and I got a couple of new designs - or designs new to me, anyway. (I've blogged about these a lot before, if you want to see other designs.) I think the little eyeballs on the airplanes are pretty adorable, and this set has narrow-ruled lines which I really like. Someday I'll photograph those, too.

aerogramme portuguese

Here's the back, which shows our eyeballed-aeroplane from a different angle. As is customary with the Int't Girl aerogrammes, each one has directions in a different language - this one is Portuguese.

Hmm... if these are aeroplanes with eyeballs, does that make them airmail with vision? Heh heh...