Monday, January 25, 2010

Gorey glitter fairy envelope

Gorey glitter fairy, no flash

I got some brown paper envelopes to go with my photo postcards, and I really dig the look. This one got some decorative touches from my Edward Gorey rubber stamps, a Stickles glitter glue dot border, and Glimmer Mist glitter spray. Above is the photo taken without a flash...

Gorey glitter fairy with flash

... and here's a photo with the flash. I think I prefer without, but that glitter can be mighty persnickety to photograph well.

Incidentally, I realize my blog postings have been very heavy on the received and lacking on the sent, so I'm trying to even that out.


  1. Where do you get that awesome glitter spray? haha I love it to pieces, <3. And the fairy stamp is so cute.
    - L

  2. L - the glitter spray is called Glimmer Mist and you can find out more about it at that link. I got mine on eBay - sometimes prices are very good from the craft shops there. I LOVE the stuff - I have about 6 different colors and have crazy fun with it, and I don't even do any of the super-creative stuff that's possible with it.

  3. I love the brown postcard! Now I know this is unrelated to your post but I dont know where else to go for help! How much would it cost to mail an envelope about that size with one piece of stationary inside to goodnightlittlespoon in australia? I cant seem to figure out how many stamps to use... (I have forever stamps).. Thanks for your help! A letter is headed your way from me (this is xxlullaby but im having trouble logging in that way.. ) :)

  4. Bree - U.S. mailing rates depend on both size and weight (and possibly other weird factors like shape). You can always be absolutely certain of the required postage by taking it to a post office, but I know the rules pretty darn well and calculate weight with my own hand-held postal scale. I just added this Calculate postage link to my resources sidebar; from there you choose domestic/international, then size and weight.

    If what you are mailing is simply an international letter (and a single sheet of stationery inside a fairly regular-sized envelope should fall into that category), then it's currently 98 cents. You can see the 98-cent international airmail rate stamp on the envelope in this photo. That rate is good for all international countries EXCEPT that it's slightly cheaper for Canada (75 cents) and Mexico (79 cents). The international letter rates, just like domestic first-class rates, are valid up to one ounce.

    Do not use forever stamps. They are abominable. If forever stamps are the only postage you have, you poor stamp-impoverished soul, then two of them should probably get your letter to Australia.

  5. that envelope is fantastic! i'm a sucker for glitter, but paired with gorey, and you have my heart!

  6. I love finding out about places like! Such a great resource... love the envelope too. very cute. :) -Aaron

  7. That is AWESOME!!! Lurve brown paper, Glitter and Gorey!!!! I jus' gotta get those stamps! Where did you get 'em ?

  8. Clemmie - I picked up the Gorey stamps on eBay.