Thursday, January 14, 2010

Express package meets with fowl play

I've really been enjoying this postal blog lately - great inside look at our mail service - and just HAD to share with you this story that I just read:

Express package meets with fowl play, but employees flock to save contents

Oooh! Look at the chicken in the box!!!

If you were a chicken in the mail, wouldn't you want to be cared for this well?


  1. No one ever believes me when I tell them that we used to order our chickens (chicks) from Sears through the mail. The post office would call us at about 5am and tell us to go pick up our chicks. They would be in a box with a bunch or round holes in the top and we would bring them into our laundry room to live in another cardboard box with a heat lamp until they got bigger. The chicken in that photo is adorable.

  2. oh yes i remember those days and my grandma would get her chickens this way also .