Saturday, January 9, 2010

Menu-inspired decoration

Menu-inspired envelope

Here's some more artwork by the lovely Sirpa in Finland. She said the decorative theme for this envelope was inspired by a menu she saw in Brussels (Belgium - home of the famous sprouts), where the meal sections were hand-drawn and surrounded by fun borders.

hand-painted border

She hand-painted the border and background for the letter, and I didn't blur out the part where she described her design inspiration for the letter. She said she copied out the design in her memory book, and she included a scan of her diagram:

memory book copy

Very cool! (I wish I could keep a visual memory book like this. Maybe I should try, even though I'm an awful artist.) What a neat idea to draw it and then send me the copy of the drawing to show the envelope process.

She also blogged about this letter back when she wrote it.


  1. Is a memory book like a journal? I have been keeping a journal for years. Some times I did draw or past a picture in it or design. Are the two the same thing?

  2. Actually this small Moleskine book of mine isn't really a journal, but it's the one I always have in my handbag, and I only use it to draw or write down things which I want to remember. - What's the right name for this kind of a book?

  3. that is a cool looking letter . I love it .

  4. Sirpa, I don't know what the right name is for that kind of book - whatever you want to call it, I guess, but memory book sounds great to me! :-)

  5. I love how the front of the envelope is all neat and tidy, everything in it's place and in squares; but then again, the squares are in fun, bright colors and crazy designs! <3 <3

    And Ilona! My blog is finally done! -
    - L

    PS: I'm replying to your lovely letter today. :]