Sunday, January 10, 2010

Postal art for Darwin Day

Although I am wary of touting every little mail art call that comes along, given my proclivity for letter-writing for communication's sake and not simply for mailing art (I am more of a writer than an artist, so I'll leave the aforementioned latter to the latter), but I did just see one that tickles me.

Have a gander at Postal art for Darwin Day. The idea is to "send evolution-themed envelopes and postcards to your friends and family on or around February 12th, Charles Darwin’s birthday." I like this theme, and it should be rich with interesting possibilities. The blog post author also welcomes cards to himself, and provides his address, in case you haven't the recipients to which to send them. (Of course MY blog readers have no shortage of a correspondence network, but hey - it should always be expanding... or dare I say, evolving!)

It simply baffles me that there are folks today who don't believe in evolution - to each his own, I suppose, just like it flummoxes me that there are folks who think that gay marriage somehow threatens straight marriage or the fabric of society or any of that stuff. We all have minds and the right to make them up as we see fit, so tra la la. But I for one support the evolution mail art project, and think it's a fun idea.

(The Missive Maven stares thoughtfully out the window and wonders what kind of comments this uncharacteristically political post will garner...)