Monday, January 11, 2010

Postcrossing faith renewed: Rascal Grannies

Just when I start to lose faith in Postcrossing (get crappy, sloppy postcards where people don't write a message at all), I get something fantastic.

This is artwork by Inge Look, who has the most marvelous happy old ladies (I fancy that I shall be an old lady like this myself, and am probably well on the way now) having great fun.

This postcrosser wrote in a crystallized kind of English, of the sort I find so articulate from non-native English speakers (Lord, don't get me started on us Americans, who are so darn spoiled assuming the rest of the world just speaks our language):
"Snow and thereby real winter came to southern Finland before Christmas. Now weather prophet from village I was born has forecasted that brisk, freezing winter will not end before April. Apparently rascal grannies are jolly victims of winter. Herbs hanging above and kettle of hot water for breathing tincture that opens airways. Happy postcrossing and keep yourself warm!"

*Sigh* Mail bliss. I shall keep Postcrossing wholeheartedly...


  1. I love the Löök ladies. They are based on real sisters. I have quite a collection of the postcards featuring these charming ladies. And I suspect I will be, am well on my way to being, just like them.

  2. I knew you loved them, PostMuse - you were the one who named the artist for me. I recognized her work but hadn't committed her name to memory.

    Here's to our journey towards being rascal grannies! Ok, I'll never be a granny, but I can be someone's favorite crazy old lady.

  3. Oh thats such a great card. I am losing faith in postcrossing my postcards seem to be taking ages to reach their destination (or people arent registering them) and I havent received a postcard in weeks :-(

  4. Oh my goodness, that is one of the most adorable postcards I have ever seen! Ditto Ilona, I'll most likely never be a granny, but I'd love to be someone's 'favorite crazy old lady' when I get older! haha Tomorrow I'm so google-ing Inge Look, I'd love to find some of these postcards myself! <3
    - L

  5. I love these . so cute and yes I think I shall be one of these old rascal grannies myself someday not too soon though I hope . Much love and happy postcrossing my dear .

  6. Megan - I went through a period of time without any postcrossing cards, too, and a few of mine are taking suspiciously long (I suspect people aren't registering them - over a month to Finland? That's never happened before). Then yesterday I got this postcard, plus another really cute one from Germany with a kitten on it. I think these things go in waves.

    L.Nicole, I googled Inge Look and didn't have much luck; my impression is that her stuff is widely available in Finland. I was trying to even find an artist bio, and couldn't come up with one... but it was late and I wasn't trying very hard. :-)

  7. I'd agree these things go in waves with Postcrossing. I haven't had any arrive of the ones I've sent and until yesterday I hadn't received any either. Suddenly seven appeared yesterday and five today! Yesterday's lot were lovely and had great messages, today's lot were pretty ho-hum. The disappointment of a message that merely instructed me to upload a scanned image was completely counterbalanced by the shrieks of delight I could hear all the way from Taiwan. Swings and roundabouts.

  8. I love the expression "swings and roundabouts." I hadn't seen it until now, but it is perfect for describing PostCrossing at the moment.