Monday, April 13, 2009

Another charming reader letter

handmade autumn leaves envelope

This, along with the previous post, is one of two surprise blog-reader letters I received on the SAME DAY. Wow. I am rich in blog-inspired postal goodness! I especially love the typed address label on the autumn leaves envelope, but that's only the beginning...

stamp border stationery

The letter was typed (really, typewriter typed!) on this stamp-border stationery. The author told me the very charming story of its origins, involving creative family members, but in the interest of his privacy I've smudged that bit out. He included a very pretty Monet bookmark, too, correctly surmising that I am a reader and book-lover. (Well, I DO post my LibraryThing library in the sidebar. Incidentally, that's not really my whole library, I just use it as a reading log.)

I'll close with the lovely birdcage sticker on the back of the envelope.

birdcage sticker