Monday, April 6, 2009

White envelope with a little bit of bling

Glitter glue and glimmer mist

This rubber stamp is one of my favorites to spice up an envelope address, especially one that justifies use of the 5 lines. It is especially jazzed up with a few judicious dots of glitter glue.

(Yes, once again I sing the praises of glimmer mist and glitter glue. Sparkly-sparkly!)

To appreciate the bling, best viewed large.

I thought the Bette Davis stamp worked with the glam theme.

A little side note: I've discovered some new glitter glue. Before I just used a large bottle of something I'd found at Michael's, which was rather unwieldy, inexact and clogged all the time. But I've found Stickles Glitter Glue and now I'll toss my other icky stuff. The Stickles is precise, easy to use (you don't have to make your hands sore by squeezing the bottle so darn hard), and clog-resistant.