Saturday, April 11, 2009

Red Tango Horse

Decorated Red Tango horse envelope

Here's another lovely from Dark Horse Stationery: the Red Tango set. It's a little girly-looking for me, but I like the sass and the shape of the horse.

I used Stickles glitter glue (silver and purple) to make the front sparkle a little bit. And I couldn't resist drawing a flower on my first letter to Flower Mound, TX.

Red Tango horse envelope, back


  1. :) Very nice blog!!!! Thks for joining on mine too. I've my blogs and u'll b welcome there too. Hugs from Portugal!!!,Manu

  2. :) hello, lovely blog & huge pics!! Thks 4 joning on my blog too. U'll b welcome in my other blogs too. Hugs from Portugal, Manu :))))

  3. This is cute one! I sent you one postcard from Thailand, hope you don't mind that it is not letter :)

    Big hug from Thailand.

  4. A postcard from Thailand? What fun! I look forward to it!

  5. Hi there..I am the owner/designer of RedTango, just a quick THANKS! for using my stationery.


  6. Cynthia -
    Oh my gravy, I am all verklempt at a hip stationery designer actually visiting and commenting on my blog! Thanks so much for stopping by! Can I kvell about how much I love your designs?? The bat/cat sticker is by far the best, but I love all the cats, pirate kitty and swirly pink tail too. I think I've posted the owl here, too. Anyhoo, thanks again, and do let me know if stationery set II comes out!

  7. Oh man, redtango Cynthia has cute postcards, too! The site is frames so I can't link direct, but they're at Mmmmm. Rainbow kitty is the best.