Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Duck folding postcard, folded back

A sendsomething correspondent (also a fountain pen user) sent me this charming folding duck postcard. Above is the back, folded. Here is the front, folded:

Duck folding postcard, folded front

I love the underneath paddling views!

Now the unfolded panels in the front:

Duck folding postcard, open front

And finally the unfolded panels, revealing the writing on the back:

Duck folding postcard, open

The colors are great on this one, too, and I just love that little duck tail. (I'm pretty big into ducks.)

To eerily continue the duck theme, I got a duck card from a LEX correspondent on the same day!

Duck in tub card


  1. you have no idea how much happier you just made my day. I am currently on an exchange in Canada, and send snail-mail letters to my friends and family in Denmark (and other countries) all the time, because it really IS one of the loveliest things in the world, to get a handwritten letters. your blog is so cute, i really enjoy it.. uh uh, guess who is now a stalker!

  2. Thank you so much, Enna! I'm so glad you enjoy.

  3. My, what adorable ducks! Just stumbled upon your blog via the LWA site. I'm so glad that there are still people out there who enjoy the art of letter writing. You have a very lovely blog with all these mail treasures, can't wait for more :-)

  4. I like this one, because I like the duck and goose. It is the word I talk with my partner.

    And thank you for follow my blog :)