Saturday, April 25, 2009

Letter from an artist, with mascot

letter folded with wax seal and border

This fantastic letter, from a new correspondent I met through the Fountain Pen Network (FPN), was so full of interesting beauty that I'm going to have to feature a bunch of photos.

What you see above is what met me when I pulled the letter out of the envelope - sealing wax INSIDE the letter (with her cute note that she doesn't have a seal yet -- but she's got the wax), on the fold, with a beautiful hand-drawn border.

Then there was this fantastic artwork inside:

letter artwork

Wow! What a detailed and interesting character! My photo, taken in light far too low, doesn't do this justice. There were also all sorts of little spider doodles, which I tried to photograph, but just didn't come out.

back of envelope with Nemo

The envelope featured a fun Nemo sticker (I don't think it's dumb! though I've still yet to see the movie) on the back.

return address label art

On the front, her return address label had this really quirky-cute witch-cat on broomstick with bat. This one made my day for sure! Oh, and I should mention that it was a really great letter, too. Coming soon, photos of the letter I back sent to her.


  1. Ohhh what a totally great letter and envelope. What a fun and talented person.

    I'm *jealous*. Of her talent and of you having her, for a correspondent. :-))))

    Aunt Amelia

  2. Your blog has to be one of the most original blogs out there! I am so charmed with the idea of a space given over to actual letters that I may actually get that letter to my sister written tomorrow when my husband has to be in the office!

    You're a genius. I'm going to love it here!

  3. Thanks so much for your compliments, Lydia. I'm no genius (!), just someone who was disappointed that there weren't more letter-writing websites out there, and started her own to fill the void.

    I hope you do write that letter to your sister tomorrow! She will surely appreciate it.