Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please be patient

I have to take a quick, photo-less moment to apologize for the delay in response letters, to anyone to whom I owe one. I am in the absolutely marvelous situation of being a tad bit overwhelmed by correspondence. I love having this problem, it just means it will take me more than my customary few days to get back to folks. Right now there are 28 letters in my pile (for those not in the know, "my pile" is the pile of letters I've received that are still awaiting responses) and today's mail hasn't even come yet. I've got a busy few days ahead of me with various commitments, but by next weekend I hope to be back in the groove of sending out more letters than I receive.

SO MANY blog readers have written me letters in the past month, I'm just verklempt. I love it. Thank you all so much! Please don't take this "please be patient" post as any sort of discouragement to writing, just as a caveat for what it is: be patient, and you'll definitely hear back from me!