Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Star wars, gel pens and glitter, oh my!

Star wars, gel pens and glitter, oh my!

This has a marvelous vintage Miss Piggy card inside, which I forgot to photograph before I sealed the envelope. I used the sparkly green gel pen on the envelope because something about the paper coating made it sadly impossible for fountain pen ink to behave there. So, a chance to use the oft-neglected metallic gel pens.

Best viewed large

The stamp is from the Star Wars 41-cent issue.


  1. Question... Does use of a gel pen, for the address, cause any problems with the P.O.?

    I ask, because I'm always so worried that nothing but very dark and very clearly printed words, may get rejected, as 'undeliverable' somehow. Is this worry, unfounded, please?

    'Aunt Amelia'
    P.S. She Who used your suggestion, and has 2 new little colored pens, winging their way to me! :-)

  2. I've never had a problem with that, especially since most gel pens are permanent, archival quality ink. I've honestly had more of a problem with raindrops on non-waterproof ink (like some fountain pen ink).

    I suppose if there WERE problems, they wouldn't reach me or the recipient so we wouldn't know, but... I've written addressed a lot of black or dark envelopes with light-colored gel pens, and to my knowledge they generally arrive safely.

    Anyone else have any input on this?

  3. oh my. STAR WARS stamps? Canada issued some Anne of Green Gables stamps last year, and Canadian Hollywood movie stars of yore, but Star Wars? Am jealous. Are there yoda stamps too?

  4. Yoda? Of course! How could they issue a Star Wars set without including Yoda? :-) I'll try to photograph the Yoda stamp the next time I use one.

  5. Staaaar Waaars... I always meant to buy a set of those for my brother, who's a huge fan. I wonder if you can still get them.

  6. They're not available on the U.S. Postal Service website anymore, but I found mine on eBay for below face value.

  7. Huh, I'll keep that in mind then. Thanks!

  8. Thank you for your reply, Missives Maven.

    Right, I don't use a fountain pen for addressing my envelopes. It's pretty, but would run. In fact, I often have the address covered with wide clear tape. That way, it's protected from weather.

    Aunt Amelia

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