Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inspired handmade envelope

Lovely handmade envelope

Here's a lovely handmade envelope from a new correspondent, another Missive Maven reader. Hooray! Double extra kudo points for including a fountain pen on letters... and she said I inspired her to make the envelope after she saw one of my handmade creations here. Love it!

handmade envelope inspiration


  1. UH. Yeah. You and a lot of your readers? Are pretty amazingly creative people. I'll try not to let my jaw stay dropped for too long...

  2. Hey, your letter was awesome, too, Stephanie!

    As I always say... I like to use pretty decorated stationery because I can't draw myself. :-)

  3. Whoa, you got that? I'm starting to assume that whatever I send places won't reach its destination, so it's always a nice surprise when it does. :)

    And yeah, I do the same. I keep collecting more pretty stationery... I need more people to write to!

  4. :-))))) It does look very pretty, in your photograph. Thank you.

    'Aunt Amelia'