Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hand-bordered paper

hand-bordered letter with stamps

More from one of my very artistic correspondents who always makes her own cards or stationery. I love the borders. This makes use of a great pattern stamp, and the crow at the top is a marvelous touch.


I still can't believe she does this with a ball-point pen. I'm having artistic envy.


  1. Oh sigh... I have huge artistic envy of this person! He/she is soooo lucky to be this talented.

    Thank you for your honest reply to my blog question!!! Thank you so much. Now I know that I will make letters to you, more readable, by not writing with Pink Ink. I want to know personal preferences! Anyone would. Repeat, thank you!

    And I understand making personal "Rules" about just moving-on, from a first look at some blogs. I have them myself! One being, if blog takes too long to load. I really dislike extra load time, caused by too much "stuff" in Sidebars, or too many posts showing, each time. Or those extra cutsy backgrounds. Eeeeek! :-)

    But there again, some of those things, I handle, on some blogs.

    My hope about mine is, that I have a pale, pale, pale enough pink, that it doesn't make anyone gag. Pink lover or not. Pale, pale, pale is what I want. But if it begins to make you gag, don't come back. We each have our personal preference {me, I don't care for Blue} and we do not have to bend them, all the way to gag-time. -giggles-

    Wow, do I rattle on hu? ,-))))))

    'Aunt Amelia'

  2. Beautiful stationery! What a talented pen pal you have!