Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yay! Snail mail goodies!

Yay! Snail Mail Goodies!

This label is fabu. Clearly it came from 16 sparrows or The Letter Writers Alliance, possibly one of their many free download goodies.

But the envelope itself is what's totally gorgeous - a dark, dark blue paper with a kind of gold sheen. (I am sure it's not coming through properly in the photo, even if you view the large size. Oh well.) Lovely combo.

And of course the letter is written and addressed with a very old fountain pen with a flexible nib, the effects of which you can see in the line variation of my address. So lovely. (In case you're wondering, I have a lot of fountain pens but no flex nibs yet. *sigh*)


  1. Wow, how brave you are, to post your address on the World Wide Net. Since I say that, I'm not. ,-) But believe me, you will receive a letter from me. You deserve many letters.

    And you like some "fru-fru" on letters/envelopes. Hooray! I do love to get a bit carried away at times, and never know how this will 'be accepted,' when it arrives. :-) I mean, what if the person is one who only believes in simple, plain cursive. With no, no, no added 'pretties'? -sigh- They could easily be turned off, thinking they were maybe writing to a 14 year old. Mmmmm, how far, far, far from reality would that worry be but...

    OK, I stop rambling on the net and get duties done, so I can write a letter! See you at the mail box, soon.

    'Aunt Amelia'

  2. Oh my golly!! What could be more exciting than a letter from someone who writes just because they dig my blog?? Happy-making, tra la tra la...

    Oh yeah, bring on the fru-fru. This is not to say that a simple undecorated letter is any less lovely than a decorated one -- I'm into content and style both. And one of my dear friends jokes that her letters must seem awful, written in red ballpoint on yellow legal pad... but I love her letters as much as any. Perhaps moreso, for their unadorned charm.

    Aunt Amelia, thank you so for visiting! I will share that I am brave enough to post my address because it is where my mail goes, but not where I reside. So I guess maybe I could get some junk mail, but creepy stalkers won't actually find me there.

    (Hear that, creepy stalkers?)