Saturday, April 18, 2009

Contains valuable document

Valuable document, guarded by dragon

This is made from an envelope template PDF download available to members of the Letter Writers Alliance. I used a translucent blue vellum-type paper, printed from my trusty laser printer. Glue stick wouldn't hold the flaps closed properly, so of course I used glitter glue. A dragon sticker guards the contents.

Contains Valuable Document

I stamped the back of the letter, inside the envelope, so it would show through the vellum paper. The owl says "A note for you."


  1. Translucent paper. I really didn't think that existed. And that it would work as an envelope and successfully go through the mail.

  2. Oh, the world of translucent vellum is a wonderful one. This variety is actually stronger and thicker than cheap copy paper or the stuff of business envelopes.

  3. Hey, I know that envelope!!! :-)))))))))


    'Aunt Amelia'

  4. Glad to hear it arrived safely, Aunt Amelia!