Friday, May 22, 2009

Lucky Poo

Lucky Poo envelope

Kawaii has its bizarre aspects, and Lucky Poo is among them. I find it fascinating and delightful that little piles of poo are considered cute and lucky, but there you have it. Of course I snatch up Lucky Poo stationery whenever I find it. This set is called "Bang Bang Feces" (don't ask, because I have no idea).

Lucky Poo envelope, back

Be that a poo burger on the back of the envelope? Whoa.

I won't ever send this to anyone who isn't into the weirdo humor, so don't worry if you're one of the ones that would be offended to find some lucky poo in your mailbox. Hope folks get a giggle out of this post instead of an "eeewww." This particular Canadian correspondent, I know, has a penchant for odd kawaii. So it's cool.