Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fountain pen and inks comparison

Fountain pen ink writing samples 1

One correspondent was asking about what fountain pen nib size to choose, so I gave her a showing of a few of my various sizes. I was going off on a bit of a tangent about how much thinner a Japanese fine is than a western fine, so you'll see that in my writing. I was trying to showcase my finest and extra-fine nibs, so all of my very finest (fine being a measurement of line width, that is) will be in these shots.

Inks shown above:
Noodler's Lexington Gray, Private Reserve Blue Suede, Caran d'Ache Storm, Noodler's Tiananmen, Noodler's Forest Green, Noodler's Legal Lapis, Pilot Black.

To get a better idea of the colors, best viewed large.

Fountain pen ink writing samples 2

Inks in second shot:
Private Reserve Midnight Blues, PR Ebony Blue, Noodler's Squeteague, Noodler's La Coleur Royale, PR Ebony Green

Again, best viewed large.

These writing samples are on Clairefontaine Triomphe paper.


  1. And believe me, she has to make up her mind pretty soon. Because she just had another disposable pen quit on her, mid letter. -grin-

    Ohhhhhhh the pressure!!!!


    'Aunt Amelia'

  2. Oh no! That's unusual, I've never had problems with most of my disposables. (In fact, they're hardier than many of my cheap Chinese "proper" fountain pens.)

  3. Have you ever tried Venetian glass pens? If so, do they work well?

  4. No, I haven't, although I've always been really tempted. I've tried regular dip pens (wooden handle, various interchangeable metal nibs), and they are not to my taste, in part because I worry so much about spilling the ink. I am a really big klutz, and I also have a few kamikaze cats that like to appear out of nowhere onto the table. That being said, I've been very tempted by the J Herbin glass pens at JetPens. They just look cool and fun to use.

    If you're curious, I'd pop over to the Fountain Pen Network. They've got lots of advice and opinions.