Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shiny pretty thing for Sendsomething

Black postcard with metallic silver

I did a random search on Sendsomething (I know, I have a letter pile, but sometimes I just want to send out something random and unexpected to a stranger) and came up with an interesting profile of someone who likes "shiny, pretty things" and cats. So she got this postcard.

Black postcard with silver ink

I actually bought it years and years ago in Amsterdam, and could never figure out to whom to send it. And that night, its time was right.


  1. Oh cool! It's from Hundertwasser! I'm making plans to visit the Hundertwasserhaus next week. Neat timing. :)

  2. Your postcard is missing four cents... :)

  3. No, the postage is indeed correct. I mailed it on May 6, and the rates went up May 11. The postage rate is based on postmark date, so any item postmarked prior to May 11 fell under the old rates.