Monday, May 4, 2009

The Plug: Desperate Penpal Experiment

Desperate Penpal Experiment: What I got

A while back, Wendy at A Passion for Letter Writing wrote up another one of her fun calls to action for letter-writers. In The Plug: Desperate Penpal Experiment, she told us all about a project on The Plug, a bizarre and amusing online magazine type thing ("The Pirate of Unique Taste"). Jay's oddball Desperate Penpal Experiment, Vol. II involved choosing random names from the phone book and writing them letters. He shared the story of the one person who wrote back.

I dug this weird story, so I of course wrote Jay at the Plug a wee letter (which he has now so courteously posted on a secret page of The Plug, so if you wanna click on over there, you can see my original letter to him). It took him a while, but he wrote back, in a most original manner. He sent me the little booklet you see above (along with some nice swag, a couple of big ol' stickers to plug The Plug), with his letter written inside.

The little book of Plug

It was most witty, so I'm compelled to share with you a few of my favorite pages from what I call The Book of Plug:

Pages from The Book of Plug

Wow. I'm charmed. I was chuckling the whole way through the short little letter.

Of course I wrote him back - stay tuned for more.