Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To Plugger Jay: The Desperate Penpal Experiment continues

To Plugger Jay: The Desperate Penpal Experiment continues

To follow up on yesterday's post, here's the letter I wrote him in response. It is on an absolutely smashing International Girl Arabic birds aerogramme, about which I will kvell in further detail in a future post very soon.

If you want to read my letter to Jay, you can have a look at a larger view of the photo above, in which you'll hopefully be able to decipher my penwomanship.

Because the aerogramme included a space that commands "draw picture here," I gave a rare effort at a doodle, which came out pretty well, considering my skills in the visual arts:


For the fountain pen aficionados out there, the text of the letter and the envelope vampire are all done with Noodler's Eternal Hunter Green in a Sheaffer Agio F. The blood dripping from the fangs of the envelope vampire + the written caveat is Noodler's Tiananmen Red in a Hero 329 Fineline. I think the color representation is pretty accurate, if you're wondering about the inks.


  1. Aunt Amelia's AtticThat cute letter is all one sheet, I take it. Write letter on one side. Fold, address & seal, on the other side. Very cute.

    And I love your Vampire Envelope Doodle!!! Oh my yes!!!!!! Do you have a patent on it?!?!?! ,-)

    Dear you,Alice's AuntApres le stent

  2. Yes, an aerogramme is like a fold-and-mail, where you write the letter and then fold it into its own envelope. They're awesome!

    Vampire envelope doodle is not patented nor patent-worthy, but I'm glad you dig it. :-)