Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rose parchment stationery from Victorian Papers

Rose parchment stationery

Here is some of my favorite stationery from Victorian Papers, which I can sometimes find on their website and sometimes not. This set I believe I actually bought at their B&M store in Kansas City.

I'm very proud of myself for matching ink color to the printing: this is Private Reserve Black Cherry ink.

Rose parchment envelope

On the envelope I used a different ink, Noodler's red-black, because it is fairly water-resistant. It matches fairly well, but not as well as the Black Cherry.

I had to use extra postage because I wrote soooooo many pages in this letter. Sometimes I do that.


  1. That's gorgeous stationary!!!!! My favourite out of all of the pictures I've seen on your blog, so far, at least. Your blog is pretty interesting to browse through so this probably won't be my last visit :)

    Take care


  2. Thanks for the compliments, Frank. Everyone has different tastes, I guess - you're the first one that's been so praising of this particular design! I really enjoy it too, though.

  3. This is very beautiful! You have amazing talent. The ink selection is very interesting. I have that PR ink, but for some reason, I tend to see more black than anything else in mine. Thanks for sharing.