Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stuff on my cat fold and mail

Stuff on my cat fold and mail

Here's another blog reader letter, featuring one of the Chronicle Books fold and mails that I DON'T HAVE: Stuff on my cat!

You can't tell from the photo (alas, I keep saying and saying that - glittery sparkly things don't photograph well in the hands of amateurs like me), but she used orange glitter gel pen for the address. Lovely. I am particularly fond of this combination of stamps, too - perfect kitty for the stationery, and y'all know I love the Letters Mingle Souls stamps.

Singing along

The back is very cute - cats singing along with a record player... or possibly berating a record player. Who knows.


  1. Not to worry, Dear One. You do not have a slow loading blog. In fact, letter writer's blogs don't fall into this category. It's often the blogs, which are trying to sell something. And they put so much stuff on their Sidebars, that it adds to load time.

    And the users of those long loading cute backgrounds and stuff... Plus, when those people {who use the cute backgrounds/stuff, add lots and lots of blinky and photo things, to their Sidebars... it's awful}.

    Plus, people who post lots of pics in their entries {like me!}, who have too many entries loading each time. All those pics in all those posts, trying to load... makes for lots of load time. That's why I have it set, so that only 1 or 2 posts have to load, each time anyone comes to my blogs.

    But anyway, not you.

    And yes, I sound like a grumpy Aunt Amelia today. I admit it. -grinnnnnnnnnn-

    Aunt Amelia

  2. How neat is that?? Oh I love those kitties by the record player. I've always been fond of the saying "Letters mingle souls" ...how very true.
    Hope you're having a lovely evening.

  3. Your cats are so cute! Did you name Memo after the movie Finding Memo?

  4. No, Memo isn't named after Finding Nemo. He's older than that movie.