Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wax seal: gold sun on Crane envelope

Wax seal: gold sun on Crane

My wax seal envy continues. Here's a really fine sun with a sharp, clear impression on beautiful gold sealing wax. I love the concentric circles of the wax, and am proud of myself for successfully capturing the embossed "Crane & Co" logo. I'm a great fan of Crane's 100% cotton papers.

On another note, thanks to all my viewers, new and returning, for making yesterday the highest-traffic day I've had yet. (Gee, I wonder if it was my review post on FPN?)

Finally, a mail nerd moment: I have planned a trip to the post office this afternoon to pick up my new Simpsons stamps!! Today is the release date. Don't forget: postage rates go up on Monday. First-class letter rate goes up to 44 cents.


  1. That is indeed a pretty wax seal. I used to use them quite frequently many years ago. This inspires me to once again embellish my correspondance with wax seals. On another note, I recently purchased a Libelle fountain pen. It's the lovely Mother-Of-Pearl from their Nature collection. I can't wait to try it.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Have a lovely day!

  2. Oooh - a Libelle - How lovely! I've never owned one of those but I've often ogled them. They're all so pretty, and I hear they're fabulous writers, too.

    Thanks for the blog compliments!

  3. This is random and has nothing to do with seals, but where do you buy your noodler's ink? I can't find any in my city and I wondered if there was an online vendor you recommend. Thanks :)

  4. Hi Angela,
    Oh, there's no Noodler's to be had within miles and miles of me, either! I buy from a variety of vendors online, depending on sales and what other things I have to buy from them. The Fountain Pen Network is a wonderful resource for recommendations like this, but my quick answer is that I've bought recently from Pear Tree Pens (they have a GREAT ink sampler option!!), JetPens (lots of colors, excellent shipping rates), Pendemonium (just a great store with awesome service and some wonderful Noodler's exclusives), and (good prices and lots of inexpensive fountain pens to throw in with the order). That's the short list!

  5. got my Simpson stamps today! While the baby was making Maggie slurping noises in the stroller!