Sunday, May 3, 2009

Namascar: Om envelope

Om glitter envelope

I'm unsure what I should even title this post - this envelope deserves better prose than I can give it. The border is printed, but the sender embellished it with much glitter, inside and out. She paint-wrote the Om symbol herself.


On the back, she wrote the Marathi greeting, Namascar, in Marathi. And on the inside, she wrote my name in Marathi, too!

Now, I could have photographed the inside, but I don't think I could do a better job photographing OR explaining than she did herself - she posted about this letter on her own blog! I HIGHLY recommend a visit to her blog Damaged Goods, and while you're there, you can check out some of her beautiful artwork on other projects.

So hey yeah, blog readers - if any of you blog about letters you write or receive from me, send me the link! Heck, if you blog about letters you write or receive to ANYONE, I'd love to know about it.


  1. I tried to comment, how lovely her decoration work is. But could not. Without an LJ account. And she has Anon. disabled. -sigh-

    Perhaps she'll read my comment here! :-)

    And since you can comment on LJ posting, do you perhaps have an LJ account? I used to do LJ. Mmmm, wondering if that would be a great way to find more correspondents? Mmmm, perhaps I should look into it. :-)

    'Aunt Amelia'
    Aunt Amelia's Attic

  2. I hear you. I don't have an LJ account and don't plan on getting one, but I'm not sure she's aware she has anonymous commenting disabled. I'll mention it in my return letter to her (which is on the docket to be written TODAY!).

  3. Dear Ilona,
    I'm back again, already. Just read my comments and you said...

    "I never feel pressured to comment - I only comment if I have something to say. So I like having comments on."

    "And by the way - I like the new background!"

    Thank you for saying you like the new background! Especially since you are not a "Pink Person." :-) Not everyone is! And I do hope to not turn off "Not-Pink-Persons." I know that _I_ am turned off by those blazingly pink backgrounds. Those Bubble Gum Pink ones. Eeeeeeeeek! They sort of give me a headache. ,-)

    Would you please consider doing an entry on "Not Ever Feeling Pressured To Comment On Blogs"! Please. I kid you not. That feeling of guilt, at not commenting frequently in blogs of people who comment in mine, is one of my "personal trials" of blogging.

    I know, it sounds sooooooooooo "emo" to admit this, but it's so. Blahhhhhh... Logically, I know I shouldn't allow myself to feel this guilt/pressure. Logically. And I constantly remind myself, of this logic.

    And yet, it's so insidious... That it keeps creeping back in at me. Blahhhhhhhh...

    Nope, don't do comments _here_, out of that feeling. I really want to comment here, when I comment here. So you and I, have the perfect blogging commenting relationship. Hooray!

    Now, how to get this permanently, with all bloggers I follow, please? I'm not the only "sufferer" of this. Lots of bloggers are. -sigh- And I'm sure I speak for lots, when I ask...... Please give us a Tutorial. In this wisdom. In pounding it into our heads. -grinnnnn-

    'Aunt Amelia'

  4. Hmm... I don't feel right doing a blog post about my lack of compulsion to comment on blogs. When I started this blog, I vowed to myself that I would stay on topic. If folks have a general "this is my blog" blog and they want to talk about what their dog did yesterday or the awesome lunch they had last week, then more power to 'em. But I feel like a theme blog - as this one is - really should stay on topic. It kind of bugs me when, on other blogs that are supposed to have a focus, I see regular entries that are entirely outside of that focus. So I guess I'll soliloquize here in the comment section, but for proper blog entries on The Missive Maven - they just need to have some connection to letter writing. However, I've got a letter from you in my letter pile - and when I respond to it, I'll try to address that in proper longhand. :-)

  5. You're right, I WASN'T aware that I had anonymous commenting disabled! *fixes it* There. Sorry about that! :^]