Sunday, May 3, 2009

Namascar: Om envelope

Om glitter envelope

I'm unsure what I should even title this post - this envelope deserves better prose than I can give it. The border is printed, but the sender embellished it with much glitter, inside and out. She paint-wrote the Om symbol herself.


On the back, she wrote the Marathi greeting, Namascar, in Marathi. And on the inside, she wrote my name in Marathi, too!

Now, I could have photographed the inside, but I don't think I could do a better job photographing OR explaining than she did herself - she posted about this letter on her own blog! I HIGHLY recommend a visit to her blog Damaged Goods, and while you're there, you can check out some of her beautiful artwork on other projects.

So hey yeah, blog readers - if any of you blog about letters you write or receive from me, send me the link! Heck, if you blog about letters you write or receive to ANYONE, I'd love to know about it.