Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another iridescent peacock stamp!

Iridescent peacock!

Remember that incredible iridescent Thai peacock stamp I blogged about back in August? That came to me from Postcrosser Sathitporn.

Well, get this - his brother, Nareeporn, is also a Postcrosser. Nareeporn got my name on a Postcrossing Postcard ID, too - and he wrote that he saw my blog and blog entry about his brother's card and stamp, noted I loved the peacock stamps, and sent me a DIFFERENT stamp from the same series on this postcard! That is SO COOL! And, just to be extra-awesome, he used another elephant stamp. I love elephants, too. Wow. I was just blown away by the story... Postcrossing really does demonstrate how small the world can be.


It came on the back of this postcard.

Thank you, Nareeporn in Bangkok!


  1. I remember your blog about the two peacock stamps and loved them as well. I wish our postal system would come up with a peacock stamp!

  2. So true, Tascha! A U.S. peacock stamp would be gorgeous!

  3. Well our postal system is going to have a kelp forest as of today... (I'm in love with a lot of U.S. stamps as well as international ones. :) And I got my stamps today! That was super fast.)

  4. I wish our postal system would come up with some really colorfull stamps and at least different ones and some besides of movie stars and old tv shows . I agree maybe a peacock or two .

  5. Oooh - I hadn't even heard about the kelp forest! Lovely!