Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hurry - awesome stationery giveaway in a few days

I just discovered, thanks to a tip from Jackie at Letters & Journals, that one of my favorite etsy sellers not only has a blog but is doing a giveaway!

Okay, I call her a favorite seller because I have coveted her stuff for ages, but in fact I have never bought anything from her. But here's a look at all the great stuff from We've Got Paper on etsy.

Cool, oui? Now check out the giveaway on her blog. Perhaps you will be a lucky winner of one of her stationery sets! Hurry, though, you've got to leave a comment before Oct. 14.

I see a lot of giveaways here and there in blog-land, but I only post about it if I'm actually interested in it myself... which is kind of decreasing my own chances (since I'm in the running, too!), but I really like the looks of her designs. (My favorite, of course, is the Diablotine with a bat-lady theme.)

Sorry no photos, but I wanted to get the word out on this before it expires.

Good luck!