Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cat Postcard Swap

Kitten in the mailbox

I'm coordinating a November cat postcard swap on Swap-bot as part of my new adventures there. I was looking for one, and there wasn't one there, so I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a try myself! I hope some of my blog readers who do Swap-Bot will join it.

The full info, as listed on Swap-bot:
The theme of this international postcard swap is cats, both in the imagery and in what you write.

Send 1 postcard each to 2 partners. The image on the postcard must contain a cat, or have a cat as the central image. It can be photography or artwork, it can be handmade, but it must be clearly kitty!

Also - equally important - on the back you must write a little bit about a cat or cats. You can write about your cat or cats you own now, ones you owned before or grew up with, copy a short poem about a cat, or talk about the awesome cat that hangs out in your favorite bookstore. Any cat-related prose will do! I'm just looking to "double" the cat theme, and also ensure that no one gets a postcard with no writing on it.

My apologies if I am duplicating any past swaps. I am new here and I searched for cat postcard swaps and didn't see any... so I started my own!

Newbies are welcome if they have a complete profile, with more than just a couple of sentences. No one with a minimal profile or a low rating will be allowed to participate. I hope no one will flake, but I think I can angel if you get a no-send. There's over a week to send this, and that week includes the USA Thanksgiving holiday, so that should be plenty of time.

I'm advertising this on my own blog so I hope some of my blog readers at will be participating!

Hope to see a few Missive Maven readers there! (By the way, my swap-bot user ID is GreenVelvet.)


  1. I haven't done a Swap-Bot swap in over a year (having trouble with blinking ads and profile pages, which play havoc with my eyes) but I can't resist a cat on a postcard. And my cat will grudgingly support me by being her grumpy self and posing for a photo.

  2. Thanks so much for being game to support this, PostMuse - and wow, a photo of your OWN cat on a postcard is simply the best.
    (Yeah, I hear you with the blinking ads and crazy doo-dads on profile pages. Are we fuddy-duddies to prefer simple text, mostly in complete sentences?)

  3. I've been thinking about joining Swap-bot for a while, so I might do it soon and participate in your swap!

    Julie xox

  4. Ooh, Julie, I hope you do! That's why I published the swap for a couple of weeks away, in hopes that anyone who was thinking of joining might have time to consider and do so. :-)

  5. Swap-Bot is totally new for me, and I got interested now!
    I haven't been familiar with any swaps like this before I got a comment to my blog from France about about two weeks ago. I already signed in to that, because I got fascinated of all the possibilities there. But then I felt quite many there speak just French, which I don't speak, so I didn't exactly feel so comfortable there, and didn't finally join any swap.
    So now this Swap-Bot looks like more international to me at least according to first glance.
    I of course have to decide by myself, but what is your opinion, do you think this Swap-Bot would be something for me? :)

  6. Sirpa - I can't really say if Swap-Bot is for you, but I'll tell you my experience. Yes, it's fairly international, though most swappers are USA. Most of the postcards swaps I've done so far are international. I am doing mostly postcard swaps, because that's where my interests are in terms of swapping. I have received a couple of dud postcards, but also a couple of really wonderful and thoughtful postcards so far. I am excited to do tea bag swaps, too! Those are coming up this week. Also, there are pen pal and letter swaps, which I've not done as we all know I have plenty of pen pals! If you're looking for more, though, you might consider that as one option.

  7. Ahoy there Ilona! It seems I have been paired up with you on the November Swap-bot for followers. As I'm already your follower, I have sent my miniature doppelganger to follow you instead, so do watch out for the little fellow. He's got his own blog at, which really needs to be updated at some point.

  8. Andy, what a fun coincidence. I shall follow your mini -doppelganger for a bit for good measure.

  9. I had not heard of Swapbot before you wrote about it, but I like the idea of a cat swap! I've joined up and created my I'm just waiting VERY impatiently for my verifcation email to arrive!!! [tapping foot in frustration] If I'm all verified, I'd love to take part!

  10. Welcome, Carol! So glad you're going to participate! Don't worry, you've got a few more days to get verified and join up. I hope that swap-bot verification comes through for you quickly. (Sometimes it ends up in the spam folder...)

  11. Just a tip: If you use Firefox and have NoScript installed, you won't see any blinky-blinky or flashy-flashy unless you specifically allow it. xoxoxo