Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cat Postcard Swap

Kitten in the mailbox

I'm coordinating a November cat postcard swap on Swap-bot as part of my new adventures there. I was looking for one, and there wasn't one there, so I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a try myself! I hope some of my blog readers who do Swap-Bot will join it.

The full info, as listed on Swap-bot:
The theme of this international postcard swap is cats, both in the imagery and in what you write.

Send 1 postcard each to 2 partners. The image on the postcard must contain a cat, or have a cat as the central image. It can be photography or artwork, it can be handmade, but it must be clearly kitty!

Also - equally important - on the back you must write a little bit about a cat or cats. You can write about your cat or cats you own now, ones you owned before or grew up with, copy a short poem about a cat, or talk about the awesome cat that hangs out in your favorite bookstore. Any cat-related prose will do! I'm just looking to "double" the cat theme, and also ensure that no one gets a postcard with no writing on it.

My apologies if I am duplicating any past swaps. I am new here and I searched for cat postcard swaps and didn't see any... so I started my own!

Newbies are welcome if they have a complete profile, with more than just a couple of sentences. No one with a minimal profile or a low rating will be allowed to participate. I hope no one will flake, but I think I can angel if you get a no-send. There's over a week to send this, and that week includes the USA Thanksgiving holiday, so that should be plenty of time.

I'm advertising this on my own blog so I hope some of my blog readers at will be participating!

Hope to see a few Missive Maven readers there! (By the way, my swap-bot user ID is GreenVelvet.)