Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Letters Mingle Souls

Letters Mingle Souls

I tried to achieve some harmony in the stamps on this envelope, both rubber and postage, in that the Letters Mingle Souls theme appears in both. I am particularly fond of the Universal Postal Union/Letters Mingle Souls stamps, and use them sparingly. I love the Metropolitan Opera stamps, too, though I have a few more of those left from my grandfather's collection.

Oh - it's hard to see here, but the smaller blue postage stamp is "first automated post office in the United States" (Providence, RI) - what's an automated post office??

As for the rubber stamps, I see them on envelopes and in photos like this, and I think, "Why don't I use those more often?" Truth be told, sometimes I just forget about them. I'll try to remember more often - I really like the way they can make an envelope so much more decorative, which is great for those of us (like me!) who can't draw but still want to be visually creative.

Scarlet Tanager sticker

On the back I used a large Scarlet Tanager stamp from Cavallini.