Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn bats mail art

Autumn bats mail art envelope

Earlier this month I got a most exciting handmade batty envelope from a blog reader in the Netherlands. I don't know where she found this paper, or if she made it, but the bats are realistic and amazing!

Autumn bats mail art envelope, back

I liked the contrast of the rainbows on the return address sticker.

Autumn bats mail art

There was a letter written on the back of this fantastic collage, which was layered and handmade and gorgeous, and must have taken her a lot of time to make it. I love the way the bat is flying into the round moon...

I was just blown away by this batty creation.


  1. wow talk about mail art . that is some awesome mail art wish I could do as well . totally awesome !!!

  2. Bats are the strangest creatures. I have a postcard here with a lesser and a greater horseshoe bat, amongst other animals, on it; I will save it for you, missive maven.
    On that lovely mail art, is that leaf on the back at the top right what I think it is? Maybe its from Amsterdam? ;-)
    Also, I wanted to mention that ephemera assemblyman has an interesting post that shows some 'avant garde letter heads', which you might like.

  3. Hey Shute - though the mail art is from the Netherlands, I do not believe that is a marijuana leaf. Doesn't hemp have 5 leaves? I could be wrong, but that was my thought. * Saw those avant garde letterheads... interesting stuff.

  4. I like the one with the leaves no matter what kind they are. Very colorful.

  5. I do believe that is a lovely red marijuana leaf, and very pretty indeed. Love the batty theme, too!

  6. Oh wow, okay, I just did some googling. PostMuse and Shute are right. It's a marijuana leaf.

    Wow, I'm kind of blushing, I hadn't realized...

  7. I love the bats and the colors on the envelope. Very inspiring.
    Viewing all of the variety of creative handmade cards got me going to create one and mailing it . Or maybe keeping it? lol! :)
    I guess I will have to create a second one then.
    Happy mail writings.
    Stephanie R.