Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shag postcards


I've professed my love of the art of Shag (aka Josh Agle) many times in this blog. And Dark Horse comics makes some very cool stationery out of his artwork. I recently learned that Chronicle Books makes a Shag Postcard book, too!

Shown above is "Barracuda," which I sent to a Postcrosser with a username Saracuda. I thought that was a fun synchronicity.

Shag postcard, Barracuda

The back is fun, too. It's a bit coated and isn't perfect for all fountain pen ink, alas, but the great design almost makes up for it. The spot for addressing has a kind of blaze shape (which I accented with Sharpie here) and there's a curtain-esque design hanging down from the top left corner.

I may have to post some more Shag postcard images in the future, his designs are so retro fabu.


  1. these are ultra fab and cool . I love them . I like the wonder woman dark horse comic stationery . thanks for sharing and posting this .

  2. Is that the same tango kitty on the card? If not maybe it is a very close relative! I could have sworn that was a tango Kitty :)

  3. I see what you mean with the similarity in styles between Red Tango and Shag - but no, they are two different artists. I like both their cats, though!