Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy-making postcards

demonstrative lady

Today's post, just a couple of recently received postcards that made me smile. I love this lady. She is full of life.

pug mug

I am not-so-secretly a pug fancier. I forgot to photograph the back of this card - I know it came from a Postcrosser but I can't remember who now. Ack.


  1. Yes I really like the lady in the first one she seems to be enjoying the moment.
    I also like the pug dog one as well . I hope all is well with you . Have a great one .

  2. That pug is too cute! I already have 2 dogs, but if I ever get another one it will definitely be a pug! :)

    Julie xox

  3. I'm not one to blow my own horn, but am about to do so anyway: That pug postcard was from me. :) Needless to say that the black-and-white one with the lady and the children is absolutely lovely!

  4. Thank you, Sabine! I thought it was from you, but am glad to know for certain.