Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More fabulous faux airmail

more fabulous faux airmail

Another pen pal decorated her letter in faux airmail style - love it!

mail-themed valentine stickers

I am a big fan of these old-fashioned mail-themed Valentine stickers she used on the back, too.


  1. are airmail envelopes a thing of the past? i ask only b/c there's a huge box of them at my parents' place and we definitely don't use them like they are rare.

  2. Very clever of this person to design the envelope to look like an airmail letter. I remember those pink and white striped envelopes as I used to write to people overseas. I should try that some time. It seems easy to do. I can't wait to use some of the stationary a Lex friend sent me from Portland with you Ilona. I hope you won't keep me waiting too long to hear from you via the post.

  3. They are a thing of the past in that they're not made anymore. Anything overseas is sent by airmail, and I think a lot of domestic items go via air as well.

  4. Oh I love those stickers and I am a sticker nut anyway and am always buying stickers or receiving them from pen pals . Thanks for sharing and posting this .

  5. I just went to my local library yesterday, a few blocks down the street, and noticed they have a display case dedicated to the "Golden Age of Airmail." I was coveting some of those tasty airmail letters from all over the world with "first flight on route" stamps!