Thursday, October 22, 2009

Watercolor letter

watercolor envelope

Here's proof that a Postcrossing card can turn into a pen pal! I got this artist's address for a Postcrossing postcard back in August, and she wrote me back the most beautiful letter, which she watercolored! Here on the envelope, she painted the same flower that she used on the stamp. What a lovely theme!

watercolor letter

Wow. So gorgeous. Watercolor stationery. I am verklempt.

envelope dots

I like the little dots on the back of the envelope.

She blogged about this letter on her own blog, and in fact she was inspired by this here blog to start her own mail blog! Her fine mail art blog is at


  1. Ilona I am envious. I have not seen such pretty letters since I was writing someone in the 1990s. You seem to get a large amount of letters and some of the prettiest as well! Do write me soon.

  2. The watercolor is lovely, and I love the little dots on the back of the envelope - so cute!

  3. oh so am I . Im envious too . so cute .

  4. Thank you for posting this and the link to my blog!
    As I said, I will forever be thankful for getting the postcrossing card from you, because thereby I got to know you and the wonderful world of mail art!
    By the way, I noticed now that pictures look much better in your blog, when you are using photographing, than in my blog, when I'm using scanning.

  5. You're welcome, Sirpa! I'm so glad you've joined the world of mail art.
    (I'm still very new in thinking of myself as a mail artist, actually! I can thank the Good Mail Day book for that.)
    My camera is not fancy - Canon Powershot SD 770. I find scanning makes colors look a little harsh or something, so I always photograph in natural light... and then I adjust the levels in Photoshop. I suspect it's the last step that makes the most difference.

  6. Hello, I'm new here, I mean I was a blogger long years ago and I decided to come back, I see now many people with blogs who likes penpalling. I must say I love to see the others ideas, I totally love the watercolors stationery!

    Have a nice weekend,


  7. Oh Ilona, I can't understand how stupid I have been! I don't have Photoshop, I just use a free photo handling software, but I always use it for all of my photos, also for scanned ones. For some unimaginable reason it just hasn't come to my mind to do the same with the scanned cards and letters and envelopes! Definitely I will do that henceforth! :)

  8. Hey Sirpa - it's not stupid! I had kind of an inside track because I used to do graphics work for websites, so I've done this sort of thing for a while... ;-)

  9. Yes, I see, and I don't really mean stupid, but I'm still wondering how this hasn't come to me to handle all the scanned pictures, when the handling of the photos is so important to me!
    - But I'm happy you now mentioned this to me! :)