Sunday, October 4, 2009

orange stampy goodness

orange stampy goodness

I was so taken with this envelope! This came from a blog reader in Florida, and I covet her stamps. I've never seen the Handwritten Letter/Letters Mingle Souls stamp before - love it!!

she sent me postcards! cute ones!

Along with a sweet short letter, she sent me these four adorable postcards from The Cutest Sneeze in the World, a set of fantastic cat postcards with artwork by Jeffrey Brown. The irony is that I had seen these before, and shortly after she sent me these postcards, two other correspondents wrote to me on them. So yes, I caved, they're on order and I'll have my own set soon. :-)

my cat does this all the time when I'm writing!

This one is my favorite postcard - this is just like Soda with my pen as I write! I love the super-wonky big round eyes.